Nature Photography

Susan Towett



Nature photography has always been my one and only partner. I am deeply and madly in love with nature photography for some reasons. Its interesting thing to do and one can never get bored at all in this case one can take variety of pictures and moments that can’t be repeated. The other reason why I love nature photography is that it’s easily accessible and this means that one can easily access it at anytime. Nature is everywhere and one does not need to spend money in seeking for permission there is no restrictions. It also brightens up your day if you had a long day for instance one can reap enjoyment out of it. You can spend sometimes with your camera to wind down long day. Relaxation is also another reason why I love nature photography .i love nature so much and it always help me when I am relaxing.


A Lively Photography Experience

Do you have passion in photography? Have you experience breathtaking photography? If no make an effort to attend free photography like no other before that will be held on 17 to 19 November at lake Nakuru. Re known personalities in the field of  photography will be in attendance to take part in the event. Come and take part in taking exclusive photos that you will live to remember. Varieties of shots will be captured: close up, medium shots wide shots etc.There will be also camera dealers from Canon Company selling their products at a discount price. Buy one  and win  a free memory card. Lots of entertainment music from popular musicians will also be there. Thereafter  free drinks and beverages will be available. Come along with friends and families and be there on time to avoid missing out important things and to personally experience the whole event.

Love Is A Gift

Dorca Bonareri




Love is a gift given to humans by God ,we ought to pass it to others in-order to receive.Giving love to people of interest to our hearts is a beautiful experience.This experiences help us grow widely that is physically mentally and spiritually.When we express love to others it changes there perspective about love,that it is not only our parents or siblings we can love but also people.Love is a result of commitments and rational decision making.Love is usually gradual and the positivist in love is regarded for continuity.Love is also made up by several attributes example is honesty,trust,tolerance,understanding and patience.

Love is a principle that one learns to give another person and it doesn’t fade away despite the distance or time.It lasts as long us two people have decided to enter into it,to understand what the meaning of love is, we need to know what prevents us from loving.

Tiwa Savage

Charles Anam



Africa’s Queen of Pop music and Marvin Records’ first lady, Tiwa Savage is billed to headline the 11th edition of Barbecue Live in Kenya.
On the 15th November, these young professionals will be “meating” again at the Ngong Race Course Waterfront, Nairobi to feast on a variety of great delicacies while being serenaded by songs from the Nigerian songstress Tiwa Savage and a share of our own local artists gracing the stage as well.
The musicals will kick off at 10pm with artists such as Fena Githu, Sauti Sol and Ali Kiba will also share the stage.
For those of you who might not know , Barbecue Live is a fun and bubbly bi-monthly social event that seeks to bring young professionals together to interact and connect while enjoying barbecue inspired food and great music.

The Perfect Match

Charles Anam

Terrence J plays Charlie a playboy who’s convinced that relationships are dead even though his sister, a therapist, tries to convince him otherwise. He believes he can do whatever he wants, be with whoever he wants and lives by his unbending rules. His friends sit him down and discuss his lifestyle choices but Charlie is set to prove them wrong. His best friends bet him that if he sticks to one woman for one month, he’s bound to fall in love. To which Charlie vehemently denies he won’t fall in love but he accepts the bet and the challenge because he believes that he’s immune to love. Up until he meets this beautiful and mysterious Eva that he coaxes into having a casual affair. Evidently, their relationship is built on sex and fun but nothing more. As time elapses Charlie falls for Eva and discloses his feelings for her hoping that she would feel the same way. But Eva starts to distance herself from him. She is seen to turns the tables on him, after realizing he wants a bit more from their relationship. Charlie is left heartbroken and sobbing for Eva’s love when his sister reminds him of how he used to mistreat potential women by having one night stands and disposing off them thereafter. Indeed love is an art, paint how you want it.

One-on-One with Teddy

Arthur Onyango

Arthur: Gambling has become a major issue here in Kenya especially affecting our youth.Today we have an expert in gambling and he is going to tell us more about gambling. Welcome Teddy.

Teddy: Thank you Arthur.

Arthur: So, whats your take on gambling in Kenya?>

Teddy: Gambling is a factor of total deterioration on community development. Most Kenyans have invested their time on gambling and neglected to put effort in working at home.

Arthur: Do you think the gambling act has been followed in Kenya?

Teddy: No. While coming up with the section, the government did not consider the future, which is now. It would have been better if the government revised the section and gave limitations to the gambling bodies or organizations. Gambling would be OK with fewer organizations to participate in providing the service. Until then, the gambling act is not observed.

Arthur: Would you talk about the merits and demerits of gambling?

Teddy: Sure! Gambling has more demerits than the merits can oppose. I do not consider gambling a priority despite the fact it has changed most people’s lives, but how many? In the same way, the money that people use to gamble would have been kept and used for development. We would have been way far, in terms of development and economic growth.

Arthur: Thank you for your time today.

Teddy: You’re welcome.




No Pencil Is Too Small

Stella Mukessy

Miss Wanyama: Am miss Wanyama Nambuye
Me: When did you start art
Miss Wanyama: I discovered i could do art when i was in class seven and then i went to art school where i perfected it. Now i can sell my art pieces
Me:Why do you like art and nothing else
Miss Wanyama: Because art builds creativity of mind in that you have to develop your own style since the art world is very small.
Me: In many fields there are challenges what challenges do you face as an artist?
Miss Wanyama: Am a full time student so the major challenge is lack of time. There are also challenges when it comes to market for the art pieces. Also in matters of exhibition you have to have a C.V. that entails 12 exhibitions. It’s really hard to get the initial exhibition
Me: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time
Miss Wanyama: I see myself as a developed artist with my own style such that i sell my art work not because of the beauty of my face but because of the style i created
Me: Miss Wanyama is a developing artist who hopes to be someone in future we wish her all the best.